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Stargate Alpha - News: SAC Meetup Debriefing
January 17 2019 20:01:28
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SAC Meetup Debriefing
FeaturesMission Debriefing: SAC Meetup 25- 26 June 2005

Location: Grace Inn, Phoenix Arizona

Arrived in Phoenix…aaaghhh…Phoenix in JUNE!! We must be mad!! I have to say that 110° even if it is dry heat is just plain HOT!!! It was really nice to check into the hotel and to see right off that there was a signup sheet for the SAC Meetup in the lobby! Too bad not a single SACer was in sight when I came in Saturday afternoon…it turned out that everyone was off sightseeing, etc. Then: Jackpot! Out by the pool I found Thren and Dallas. Even though I had seen pictures of them on the Yahoo Command group site, I think it was the SAC t-shirts with their names on them that were draped over the chairs that really helped me find them.

After a bit of poolside chat with Thren and Dallas, I just had time to run to the airport to meet Electric Bob, who was coming all the way from Australia for our Meetup. We got back to the hotel in time for the lovely buffet dinner that Thren had arranged. We had a private dining room reserved for us and a really splendid meal was provided. Mmm, Salmon…and lots of other yummy goodies. We all took silly pics of each other (and all the DUCKS!!!), all during the meal with people popping up with cameras every few minutes. After dinner, there was a drawing. Thren had a friend of hers in Minnesota make some beautiful dream catchers for prizes and they were won by
Tigger (FP’s son), Deathscythe and Matthew.

Following dinner, we all assembled in the courtyard outside of the restaurant for group photos and a bit of a chat. With. Ducks. Oh yes, have I mentioned the DUCKS????? We had so many ducks! They were everywhere…we fed em, we watered em, we…well, maybe I should not put on paper exactly some of what went on with those ducks…but suffice to say, some will never be the same again….
(Insert ominous music here)

Then, regretfully, some had to leave for the evening, but not before all agreeing to meet again next summer! Flashpointe and McKatia agreed to scout out locations, etc in Las Vegas for the next meetup, to be held there. The rest of us retired to the hotel bar. Thren and Tinuviel were dubbed The Marguerita Mafia due to the many, many…many margueritas that were demolished that night by the pair of them. I stuck to my usual champagne, of course…Let’s just say that the bar did a brisk business that night from our party.

After sitting and chatting for a bit, reminiscing about good times we’ve all had on the PL I got one of my scathingly brilliant ideas. I sent Electric Bob up to the room for my laptop and we all went on the PL right there in the bar. I do believe several people thought we had gone mad, but soon everyone was taking turns posting! What seemed like only a few minutes turned into hours and there was a mad dash upstairs for the power cord after the battery threatened to give out. After only 3 ½ hours!! LOL We were there until 2 am when we closed the bar! Poor bartender, he was so ready to go home and be rid of us!!

Loathe to be parted from everyone after so brief an encounter, Tinuviel and her husband Paul invited everyone to a barbecue the next day at their house.

Incredibly, Electric Bob and I were up, dressed and down to breakfast by 10 am. We were joined by Dallas, who informed us that Thren did not normally awaken before noon. Fortunately for us, she was down soon after and we all had a bit of a chat over tea. Or coffee, as it were for some. We took even more photos and had a laugh over the bartender from the last evening. He walked past us in the restaurant, saw us and did a double take. The look on his face was so plainly oh no, not THEM again …

Dobie met up with us in the lobby and he, Dallas, Thren, E Bob and I went with Tinuviel and Paul. Of course there was the shopping trip for supplies. Sorry Tinny! I hope you will be able to go back to that store in a few years or so…heh, heh…

Provisions obtained, we journeyed on to their house. We spent a wonderful afternoon talking, eating, playing on the PL (Again! Of course!), and just generally having more fun! All too soon though, it was late in the evening and the meetup was drawing to a close. We all went our separate ways with only two words in our thoughts: VEGAS, BABY!!

More photos:
SAC Meetup Debriefing

Members attending:

Ace Maxim Lansing, MI, UN
Alex (Lady B & Bedlam’s son), Kansas
Bedlam (Lady B's husband), Kansas,
Contessa, Atlanta, GA , SA-1
Dallas, MN, SA-11
Dbruiser, Apache Junction, AZ, SA-1
Deathscythe, Phoenix, AZ, SA-1
Dobie760, Joshua Tree, CA, UN
Electric Bob Adelaide, Australia, SA-3
Eric (Ginger’s friend), Tucson, AZ
Flashpointe, Las Vegas, NV, SA-12
Ginger, Tucson, AZ, SA-4
Katt (McK’s daughter), Kingman, AZ, SA-5
Lady B, Kansas, SA-2
Lorri, Pacific Ocean, SA-10
Matthew, Mesa, AZ, Un
McKatia, Kingman, AZ, SA-15
Paul (Tinuviels’ husband), Phoenix, AZ
Ray (Matthew’s Dad), Mesa, AZ
Seraphim Tempest, Surprise, AZ, SGC
Shorty (Deathsycthe’s friend), Phoenix, AZ
Thren, MN, SA-11
Tigger (FP’s son), Las Vegas, NV, SA-2
Tinuviel, Phoenix, AZ, SA-11
Tory (Lady B & Bedlam’s daughter), Kansas
Wade (Moviebuffs), Phoenix, AZ, SGC

Message from Oma

Did I mention you lot are crazy? :)
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