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Stargate Alpha - News: Q & A with Cliff Simon
January 17 2019 19:51:21
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Q & A with Cliff Simon
FeaturesKira was able to catch up with the elusive but one of the coolest bad guys on the show...

Cliff Simon

Without further ado...

Q & A with Cliff Simon

After Ba’al hid my interview in a Bastet, Cliff Simon finally sent me back the answers to the question I had asked. Here is what he has to say about himself and his role as Ba’al…

For those who don’t know, Ba’al is the chief Phoenician God, the Lord of the Sky and Master of the Stars, Rain and Thunder in the ancient Carthage, Cyprus, Syria and northern Mesopotamia. Cliff Simon portrays the system Lord Ba’al on the series SG-1 and he has been a recurring character for several seasons. In season eight, we had the pleasure of seeing more of him in the episode “Reckoning.”
Cliff is the perfect actor for Ba’al, as you can see in his answers; he thoroughly enjoys playing the bad guy. Something tells me that if given the chance, Ba’al would love to expand his repertoire of victims from SG-1.

Ba’al tortured Jack O’Neil, now if you could torture any member of SG-1 who would it be and what would you do to him/her/them?
Daniel. And I would use water torture such as dripping water on forehead and near drowning.

And kill him a few dozen times again, that goes without saying.

Ba’al personifies the ultimate “bad guy,” nasty, megalomaniac and pretty much immortal… Would you want to play more “bad guy” roles in the future and why?
I definitely would like to play more bad guy roles as you have a lot of freedom as an actor when you are the baddie. Also the “bad guy” roles seem to have more depth to them.

See? I told you he likes being the bad guy. One of the interesting sides of Ba’als character is how much he enjoys being the boss System Lord.

Besides your own character, if you could be a member of the SGC, who would you be and what would you do?
If I had the choice, I would like to play the part of O’Neill , the General. I like the humor side that could be put into the character.

Since I have no had the opportunity to see his feature film Operation Delta Force 5: Random Fire, I have never heard his true voice.
We never get to hear your real voice in the SG-1 series, is there any chance that at some point the host will prevail and will hear you instead of the synthesized voice?
You will get to hear my real unflanged voice on Ex Deus Machina.

The flanging is the technical processing of the voice that alters it so it sounds the way we hear it when the Goa’uld speaks though the host.

The Jaffa bear on their forehead the mark of the “God” they serve, Ba’al doesn’t have one since he is a System Lord, but you, Cliff, do you have any tattoos?
I have no tattoos. If you watch Ex Deus Machina closely you will see at one stage, I wear a black golf-type shirt. On the chest is my emblem or mark, it is pretty cool.

Looking forward to see that episode, especially since the usual System Lord outfit doesn’t show much of Cliff’s athletic figure. My next question relates to Ba’al’s taste in women.

Many System Lords have Queens, which actress would you pick as Ba’al’s Queen?
She will make an appearance in Ex Deus Machina, stunning, stunning, stunning.

So, we’re back to waiting…
Cliff has had appearances in a total of nine SG-1 episodes (Summit, Last Stand, Abyss, Homecoming, Zero hour, Reckoning part 1, Reckoning part 2, Threads and Ex Deus Machina)

What was your favorite episode to shoot?
Ex Deus Machina and Reckoning.

Really looking forward to the new episode which is to air in the US end of August 2005.

Cliff Simon was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, after spending twelve years in Europe as a professional model/dancer/singer, he returned to South Africa and remained there from 1988 to 1999, then moving to L.A. Cliff also was awarded the title of Mr. South Africa in 1992.
Being from South Africa, do you speak any of the local dialects?
I speak Afrikaans, which is very similar to Dutch. I unfortunately never learned any of the native languages such as Zulu, it is a beautiful language.

Zulu is indeed a beautiful language, as are many other Africans dialects. After asking all those questions related to Cliff’s personal life as well as his character, I had to ask him about his job.

How did you get cast? Was it a lengthy process?
I did a general reading for Stargate for no particular character as we were waiting for the right character to be created for me. I read for MGM about six months or so before Ba’al was created in the storyline and I was lucky enough to get to work on the show as a recurring guest star.

The reputation of the SG-1 cast and crew is held in very high esteem by most, let’s see what Cliff has to say about them. After several episodes filmed, who was the most pleasant regular cast member to work with and who was the least pleasant?
All of the regular cast members are a pleasure to work with I have had no bad experiences at all on set with anyone.

Okay, back to evil Ba’al…

If Ba'al were to quit his job as System Lord and moved to Earth… Would he pick L.A. or South Africa to live and what job would he do?
I think Ba’al would pick L.A. as it is the center of everything, it has a very powerful economy and Ba’al would be a high-power business man.

It makes sense, Ba’al being controlling and power hungry, he would fit quite well the L.A. business scene. The comparison between the man and the character fascinates me, so I had to ask one more question going that way.

What would be Ba’al’s favorite sport, what is yours?
Ba'al's favorite sport is to torture and maim.
Cliffs is kite-boarding which I do regularly in the ocean off Malibu.

Somehow I had the feeling that Ba’al’s answer was not going to be play Lego’s with de-activated Replicators. Kite boarding is a highly physical sport that involves a short surf-board and a parachute-looking kite, harnessed to the kiteboarder and used to uplift him/her over the waves and control the direction of the board.

If you had the choice for a part in Atlantis, who would you chose to be and would your character be a good or a bad guy?
I haven’t watched any eps of Atlantis so it’s hard to say but I would like to play the hero in a Sci-Fi show for a change.

This concludes this set of Q&A with Cliff Simon. I personally wish he would be cast in more shows, as I believe he has lots to offer as an actor.

Written by Britina Bovet, ©2005
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