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Stargate Alpha - News: DSD Memorial at Dragon Con
January 17 2019 18:56:19
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DSD Memorial at Dragon Con
FeaturesThe hour long memorial tribute for Don was held on Sunday afternoon of the con, 31 August 2008. They opened out two of the huge ballrooms in the Hyatt to make one enormous room, and it was packed with fans. The guests onstage were Erick Avari, Beau Bridges, Rainbow Sun Francks, Cliff Simon, Torri Higginson and Robert Picardo. I think that was everyone – I did not actually see the tribute, because I was backstage.

I felt very honored to have been one of several fans who were also asked to speak at the tribute. They had us all backstage and then at some point (that I didn’t notice), most of the others went and sat outside to watch. I think I didn’t notice them leave because they all changed into nice clothes for the moment onstage. However, I was in my Tok’ra tan uniform because I was ona Stargate Costuming and props panel right before the tribute and on another panel about SG Fan Groups right afterwards. It was all I could do not to start crying before I went on, so it was probably just as well that I didn’t get to see it. I couldn’t really hear any of it either, until right near the end, just before it was my turn. I was either last or next to last and I asked my fellow DSD Fans member, Tricia, to come up with me in case I just started sobbing or something. She and Helena (my DSD Fans co-mod) and I collaborated on a little piece to say. Tricia and I divided it up so that each of us could say part of it. It started off with me telling how the DSD group was formed and then went on about some of our “Don Moments”. Amazingly, we both held it together long enough to say our memorial piece and we didn’t actually start crying until we were walking off the stage. Then everyone was backstage crying and hugging. Luckily, right before we went on, I remembered to ask Tricia to mention that the DSD Fans group (along with Stargate Alpha Command) had raised approximately $2,000, between the private donations that some of our group made and the group donation. I wish I had remembered to end with my quote from “Hamlet” - “Goodnight, sweet prince, and flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest, but I forgot to write it on the paper where I was reading from. Oh well, cannot have everything! Below is what Tricia and I actually said.

The memory scrapbook that I made for Ruby, Don’s widow is winging on its way to her. I hope that she will enjoy it. For me, it was a wonderful trip down memory lane. I laughed a lot while making it, there were so very many happy memories of my fellow DSD fans and our “experiences of the Don kind”. I cried a lot too, knowing that there wouldn’t be any more meetings with him. The book is a small celebration of Don’s life with us and a few of the many online tributes to his passing. Included is a sampling of photos – not just pictures of Don, but photos of the fans who loved him. Also included are the cards and letters that some of you sent to me along with your donations.

I truly hope that our group will continue on even though Don is no longer with us. We can continue to enjoy his work as well as keeping in touch with each other.



Contessa and Tricia’s “speech” :

In August of 2003, in Vancouver for my second Gatecon, I noticed that all of the Stargate actors had yahoo fan groups. When I went to find one for my favorite character, General Hammond a.k.a. Don S. Davis, I found nothing. This seemed wrong to me (on SO many levels), so I decided that he needed one, pronto. Not being computer savvy, I enlisted the help of friends who were (Note: One being own own dear Oma) , and the Don S. Davis Fans group was born on 24 September 2003. We are still going strong today, with almost a hundred members from all over the globe who all come together to celebrate the life and art of a very talented man. We intend to keep going for a long, long time.

The Don S Davis group had a ‘special’ relationship with the ‘good ole boy from the Ozarks’. He never seemed to understand the attention, claiming "I can't believe I have a fan club but would be the first to light up with a bright smile and bask in the glow of the people that enjoyed getting to know him just a little bit better. He was amazed, fascinated, amused and a perhaps even a bit proud... that some guy who had gotten into acting because he could fall off a horse without getting hurt had an actual honest to God fan club...

At one con, the group decided that since Don S. Davis had a tendency of wearing Hawaiian shirts, that in honor of him, the entire group would wear them on the day he spoke. So that day, almost two dozen brave souls managed to acquire, borrow or steal Hawaiian shirts for Don, complete with the mandatory plastic leis. Amid all the camo wear of your typical Stargate con, our group certainly stood out.

What did Don wear on that auspicious day? No, I know that you're thinking that Don wore a Hawaiian Shirt to match the club. No, on that day, Don wore a Stargate T-Shirt as his luggage had gotten lost somewhere between Vancouver and New Jersey. But yet, each time he saw a Hawaiian Shirt clad soul, he'd throw on his plastic lei just for them.

He had a story about everything, and could tell it like no one else -- From his most interesting convention experiences (which the DSD group constantly liked to try and top & usually succeeded) to his experience serving in the military, stationed in the DMZ, to his many misadventures in obtaining his doctorate. If you had a conversation with Don, you'd never know what subjects you would brush upon, Dan Brown, ethics, Walmart, politics, the role of the military, art, European architecture (yada yada yada) but all you did know was that you'd enjoy the long, meandering ride. In fact, the biggest problem with having a conversation with Don was that you'd have to remind him that he had other people that needed to speak to him.

He was a character among characters; an artist among artists; and a good old southern gentleman in a world that doesn’t have nearly enough good ole southern boys left to fill his shoes.

The Don Davis Fans group raised approximately $2000 in Don’s memory. When we say “approximately” it is because some members sent in their donations separately (in Don’s name of course) and a number of our fans live outside of the US. We received Donations in Pounds, Euros and so forth as well as Dollars.
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