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Stargate Alpha - News: Review of the first few S9 SG-1 Episodes
January 17 2019 19:26:55
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Review of the first few S9 SG-1 Episodes
SpoilersSeason 9 SG-1 Review so far...

Written by Kira

How are they doing so far without RDA aka Gen. Jack O’Neill?
Well, the new season started with the episodes Avalon part 1 & 2, setting the tone and the scene for what’s to come… the Replicators have been vanquished and the Gua’ould system Lords are heavily handicapped by the Jaffa rebellion. Evidently a new nemesis had to show its ugly head and it takes the form of an offshoot of the all powerful Ancients – the Orii.

While Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell scrambles to reunite SG-1 minus O’Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson has the pleasure to bump against his old acquaintance Vala, who comes, you’ve guessed it, with a full new wardrobe and a palette of choice loaded with trouble. That’s trouble with a capital T. Faithful to her own habits, she has stolen some artifacts that will ultimately reveal Earth’s presence to a race of religious fanatics who seem to have the power of the Ancients without the reservations to use them. The Ori demand worship and absolute commitment from their followers, sparing no expense to prove their righteous spot as Gods. With the powerful Ori bent on Universal domination in a much forceful way than the Gua’ould ever were SG-1 has its work cut out.

Six episode into Season 9, how does the chemistry with the new parties work?
While Chris Judge looks good with hair and toned muscles, it would be nice to see his character Teal’c take a more active role within the series, as of Teal’c we haven’t seen much at all. He hasn’t so far really shown his colors.

It was one thing for Daniel Jackson to cut his hair and look more military as the series matured, but honestly, the beard doesn’t sit well. It makes him look like something between a homeless guy they’ve picked up on their way to Cheyenne Mountain and the Pillsbury dough boy suddenly getting out of the teenage stage. Also, I could do with a slowing down of his dialogue… at times I feel like Michael Shanks is in a hurry to get it over with today’s episode.

He isn’t O’Neill, and try as they might, no one can replace RDA, be it as an active member of SG-1 or as the General in charge. Period. However, Ben Browder is slowly establishing Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell as an integral part of SG-1; I think in time he will become well liked. Col. Mitchell has charisma and a definite sense of humor, a part that we all have come to love in the SG-1 series.

Sam Carter came back in last week for the episode Beachhead just in time to remind us how much she we miss Amanda Tapping during the start of Season 9.

Succeeding Hammond and O’Neill is not an easy task and Gen. Hank Landry, played by Beau Bridges, has a tough spot and big shoes to fill. His command style already looks very different from his predecessors, left to see is how the SG-1 veteran members adapt.

Thank God for Claudia Black and her contribution as a guest star. Her character Vala, in my very humble opinion, kept the series alive. Without her mutinous and witty retorts, her constant teasing of Daniel, those first six episodes would have been quite boring, despite introduction of the new story line involving the super villains, the Ori. I definetely would like to see her again.

The next episode Ex Deus Machina, guest starring Cliff Simon as Ba’al, should bring us back to more familiar and comfortable territory, hopefully with Amanda Tapping full time presence and a bit more of Chris Judge.

So far SG-1 has left me wanting more. Somewhere between here and there, the series has lost a bit of its luster. Is it because I am still adapting to new cast? Perhaps. We are now geared to explore happened to the Ancients, what happened and how ultimately the Ori came to be. The storyline has great potential, but I still want more.

Written by Britina Bovet, 2005
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