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Stargate Alpha - News: End of an era - RIP Stargate
January 17 2019 18:54:17
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End of an era - RIP Stargate
General StargateWell its pretty sad to talk about the demise of a show, I know I never made a public show of liking and enjoying Stargate Universe - mostly because I didn't think it really followed the formula they had and I personally never really got into it.

It's a shame, but SGU was cancelled after two seasons, but in another way it signaled the end of Stargate in totality. It doesn't seem that Brad is going to even try to get something out there again, so says his tweets or passed on messages.

I've met a shed load (a technical term, honest!) of people through this site and had opportunities through Stargate I never would have had so, I have a lot to thank the franchise. I have a life long friend, I've lost friends made through passing on and I've made good contacts for the future and just really nice fans...

So now begins a void of adventure sci-fi on the channels and the re-runs of the show. So let's examine what went wrong...

I don't think that SGU had the following - even from die hard fans because the ensemble cast was so vast - there were many characters to get behind and it took too long to get a handle on them - empathise with them.
In fact, the only character that really worked for me was Ely - played by David Blue. Why? Because you could see his acting belief in stargate as a franchise, his character was so easy to embrace. You were seeing it through his eyes.
It's sad that Robert's character never really had a chance to blossom either. The political and gritty edge that seemed to come from the Battlestar Galactica remake just didn't work, neither did the 'giving' into the human relationsips that used to provide the fans with the 'will they get together, won't they?' aspect of keeping watching.

It's such a shame, really, because in the fans eyes thats what really kept them watching. They even nailed it with Stargate Atlantis, four/five to a team, a leader and some support teams - but with BattlestarVoyager- sorry Stargate Universe (and hey they used our name should be flattered) there was too much to tie together, too much conflict, not enough exploration and use of the Stargate. After all, its STARGATE. Even if they'd have spun off and actually used the Prometheus or whatever or teamed up with Asgard, or whomever, it would have made a very good and interesting story arc. Com'n, you can see a Thor getting all geared up in SG uniform helping on a mission can't you? All gunned up!

What was right about SGU? Was there anything? I am sure that someone will put me straight. The only thing I can see about it was that they finally made it more international and accessable to all countries that are watching. They still, however, only showed it in the US first again (mistake number.... ahem... who's counting?) I mean, if you want to get a fan base, get it onto the popular channels in the countries that are gonna watch it, so that they all get to see it in the same week. I-Tunes don't let you d/l if you're outside the US either... really? Do people want to get their series a fan base?

The second thing that I liked was actually what I disliked about it, they actually tried to make it different. However, as I explained above, I think they went too far the other way.

So I for one, even though I didn't embrace SGU, feel really sad that Stargate has come to an end. I hope Brad Wright manages to get another branch of the franchise made and if he needs any ideas - well he knows where to get them ;)

Feel free to comment below. Love to hear your thoughts too...

#1 | Dobie on May 11 2011 at 04:35:21
Actually I think they should have worked on the writing and made SG 7, a different team with plenty of chances for the SG 1 people to drop in. They could have be checking out a different area of space and encountering different friends and foes. The format worked, it would just be a matter of introducing new characters. The fact that there were more SG teams had been established and perhaps they could have done less gating and more ship travel. I have always believed that writers were more important than actors. Did "Casablanca" suffer because Ronald Reagan was unavailable and they had to "settle" for Humphrey Bogart? Would the Royal Shakespeare Company have saved " Plan 9 From Outer Space?
#2 | Contessa - RIP Nick - on May 12 2011 at 13:43:59
*sigh* I miss Stargate on TV. I still liked SG-1 best, but was happy overall wwith Atlantis. I agree that SGU had little enough to be Stargate, but at least it was something. Now, no more Stargate, no movies or anything. Yet, I will not give up hope that we may see something in the future.

Like Oma, I have met so many people and done so many things that, without Stargate, I would never have done or even imagined doing. I too have made lifelong friends because of the show, even though some of them I have never actually met. Never say never though - I am actually going to meet up with Oma in about a week and a half!
#3 | Jai Monroe-Lorne on May 13 2011 at 17:02:06
I am sooo not surprised that SGU got canned after only 2 seasons, it was a disgrace to all that had gone before it in the Stargate world.

On the one hand, when they announced another spin off I was initially looking forward to it. I also refused to read any reviews or spoilers about the content because I didn't want my judgement colored by other peoples opinions. I needn't have bothered though, as I discovered when I sat down to watch the first season. It tried far too hard to be everything SG-1 & SGA had never been. Oma-Momma is right, it went way off the mark and may as well have been called Battlestar-Voyager-Sex-In-The-Shiny-Ship. They somehow managed to lose all the key ingredients that would have made it part of the franchise we all know and love. Still, I stuck it out and watched the first season to the end even though I didn't enjoy it. I only watched to keep up with the arcs of where the franchise was going. I've not watched season 2 yet, but I will anyway - again just to keep up with the arc. And besides, I watched SG-1 from the very beginning, if this really is the final end to the entire franchise then it's only right that I see SGU right through to the very abismal end it will no doubt have.

I too loved Ely, in my opinion he was the only saving grace. Disappointed just like Momma that Dr Rush never got to explore the full potential of the character - he could have been great. Not quite as great as Rodney McKay I don't think, but then I ADORE Rodney and he had 5 whole seasons of SGA to sink his teeth in to. In some ways, the SGU characters could have used another year or two to start to round out, but then if it had gone to a season 3 - do we really think it would have done anything other than further deteriorate? I don't think so. I felt they totally mis-used chloe too - seems all they felt a politician's daughter was good for was becoming the ship's slut! I got the feeling that unless the female characters were toting guns or being neurotic, they had no chance.

Hope of SG-1 & SGA movies looks to be permanently dashed too, which is just another kick in the teeth for long-time fans of the franchise. But are we really surprised when it seems we're in the day and age of 'if it doesn't line the studio's pockets with more gold than a leprechaun's cellar then it doesn't get to see the light of a tv screen.' I'd still like the SG-1 & SGA movies to get made if only so all those loose ends get tied up & so us fans can feel like those moronic writers/studio fat cats said "Thank you for making our shows a success".

Like Oma & Contessa I've also met some great people through a love of gate & hopefully I'll still get to meet a few more on my return trips to the USA. Regardless of what happens to the franchise, I'd like to think we'll at least try to keep in touch with each other, given we've all spent the better part of the last 10+ years being a part of our own little SG-Family.
#4 | sTrOnTiUm DoG on May 21 2011 at 00:31:41
I miss the good 'ole days...
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